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College of Food and Pharmaceutical Engineering

The College of Food and Pharmaceutical Engineering was founded in 2013. There are 39 faculty and staff members in the college, including 4 professors, 18 associate professors. In them, 17 are Ph.D, 20 are master, and 8 are Doctoral candidate, and 14 "Academic-Practical" teachers. The college provides 3 undergraduate programs which are Pharmaceutical Engineering, Bio-pharmaceutical Engineering, Brewing Engineering and 1 upgraded program which is Brewing Engineering.

In scientific research, the college have 1 national science and technology platform, 1 provincial scientific research platform, 1 provincial talent team, and 5 bureau-level scientific research platforms. In 2015, the Science and Ttechnology Department of Guizhou Province approved the college to build a makers' spaces Health-lab, which identified as a national-level makers' spaces by the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2016. In addition, the college approved for set up a provincial research platform Guizhou Industry Technology Research Institute of One Health and Pharmaceutical in 2015, and settled in Zhi-Hui-Yun-Jin Health industry incubator in Wu-dang district of Guiyang city in 2018.

To be satisfied the students education and scientific research, we have build an undergraduate experimental teaching center(6th floor, Cai-kuang building), a scientific research platform (2nd floor, First experimental building) and a brewing practice and training base, with a total experimental area of about 2650m2. There are more than 12 professional laboratories, such as Biochemistry laboratory, Microbiology laboratory, Pharmaceutical analysis laboratory, Pharmaceutical preparation laboratory, Pharmaceutical synthesis laboratory, Natural pharmaceutical chemistry laboratory, Food chemistry laboratory, Fermentationbrewing technology laboratory, Sensory evaluation laboratory, Virtual simulation laboratory(VR classroom), and 1 campus Practical venues for Brewing production Line practice. The research platform has more than 20 precision equipment, such as GC-MS/GC-O, HPLC, GC, electronic tongue, electronic nose, molecular distillation equipment, carbon dioxide extraction instrument, etc.

The college actively carries out innovation and entrepreneurship training for students, 5 teachers have been approved as innovation and entrepreneurship mentors. A total of 260 undergraduate innovation and entrepreneurship projects have been funded, including 39 national projects, 61 provincial projects, 67 school projects and 93 college projects. Based on these projects, the students have won 5 national awards and 15 provincial awards in the competitions, such as The Challenge-cup Extracurricular and Academic Contest, Chinese University Life Science Competition(CULSC), The National Pharmaceutical Engineering Design Competition, etc. Furthermore, the students have published 21 papers and applied and granted 15 patents.


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